SW Spiral Winders

The winding head has both winding capstans driven

The winding table moves along the bed of the machine so that the winding belt moves clear of the last ply as more plies are added

One capstan is tensioned via air cylinders to give constant winding belt tension. This also provides a safety-release should the operator’s hand go too near a probe switch situated in the nip of the winding belt

The winding belt is fully enclosed and interlocked. A safety switch is mounted in the nip of the plies and another safety switch lies across the wet plies

The main drive is via an infinitely variable speed ac motor with controls mounted on a convenient pendant

Mandrel clamps are quick action, throw-over type

Ply guides and inside ply lubrication are provided
Built to customer specification, standard range sizes for up to 200mm diameter, 600mm diameter and 1000mm diameter. Drive power variable depending core parameters. Speeds of up to 60 meters / minute of core production are standard.

Motorisation may be applied to the reel stand and cascade gluer, fastening them together and linking to a pivot point near the winder. This pivot point has an actuator that can be moved, via push buttons, so that the position of the plies on the winding mandrel can be moved. At the back of the reel stand another actuator moves the complete gluing system to suit the spiral angle.

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