Single Opposed Knife High Speed Core Winder

This compact machine has been especially designed to give high speed production of small diameter thin wall cardboard tubes.

  • The winding head has both winding capstans driven with the winding belt fully enclosed and interlocked to the safety system
  • One capstan is tensioned via air cylinders to give constant winding belt tension. This also provides a safety-release should the operator’s hand go too near a probe switch situated in the nip of the winding belt
  • The main drive is via an infinitely variable speed ac motor with controls mounted on a convenient pendant
  • Mandrel clamps are quick action, throw-over type
  • Ply guides and inside ply lubrication are provided

The high speed of the machine is achieved by using a servo drive motor for the cut off. There is no target or photo-cell to set because an encoder measures the speed of the inside ply. The operator enters on a keypad the core inside diameter and the width of the inside ply, this synchronises the cutting unit to the core speed.

After the first cut is made, the operator checks the length and makes a final adjustment. Thereafter the length is accurate throughout the speed range. Each knife has a fine adjustment to match the position of the opposing knife and penetration.

The knives cut against a ‘bullet’ inside the core. The cutting section is safely enclosed by interlocked guards. The tubes are supported on ‘V’ guides. When the cut is complete one leg of the ‘V’ opens and the tube falls clear, for example, onto a collection table or onward conveyor.

Speed of up to 60 cutting cycles per minute depending on diameter, wall thickness and cut length – max output 120 metres of core/min (will be pre-set to customer requirements).

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