Paper End Machines

Paper End Machine With Glued and Curled Paper End

Cut, labelled cores are fed to the capping machine though a tube stand-up device and conveyor. The cores enter the capping machine end on I.E. standing upright. A servo controlled indexing sprocket then moves the cores through each tool station, of which there are four:

– Flange
– Glue
– Insert cap
– Curl

The caps are supplied from a punch to the rear of the machine. The punch is CAM driven and housed in its own aluminium frame for ease of use/maintenance.

A single operator console provides user friendly access to all the machine controls. Optical laser sensors check the position of cores through the machine as well as the supply of punched caps for insertion. A maximum speed of 60 tubes per minute specified.

Paper End Machine With Heat Seal

Here we have a paper end machine with three tool stations putting a cardboard disk in the base of the can and sealing it. The discs for the base are punched from board fed from a separate reel stand. A touch screen, mounted on the front face of the cabinet, governs all the actions of the machine. Because this is all digitally controlled and NO timers are involved the speed of the machine can be changed without affecting the core parameters.

As the can enters the top of the machine, the first station places an outward curl on the top of the can while putting a flange in the base to assist with the insertion of the cardboard disk. The second station inserts the cardboard disk, heat sealing the disk to the inside of the can. In this example a poly coated liner material has been used as the first ply. Finally the third station places an inward curl on the base of the can, after which it is ejected to move on to the next process.

The can industry still makes heavy use of metal and plastic end caps, but with greater emphasis on the environment in todays thinking, this is slowly changing. A renewable resource like cardboard can be used and this has the bonus of a being much cheaper material to work with. Cardboard with paper/poly laminates may also be used to give a moisture barrier.

Briefly, the machine features:
– Adjustable depth of curl and tool rotation speed via touch screen interface, the control parameters may be changed while machine is running
– Spray lubricated curl tools
– Servo drives for rapid action, closed loop control
– Indexing turrets at each stage of the can motion through the machine
– Touch screen operator interface
– Rapid tooling change facility to minimise down time between jobs