Falcon Core Cutters

This tube cutting machine is programmable with an operator friendly keyboard. The long core is placed in a loading vee and pushed by hand in to a pneumatic chuck. The required number of cuts and the cut length are programmed into the computer input console, on pressing start the machine completes the instructions automatically.

If the required number of cuts gives a length greater than that of the parent core the machine stops and ejects the waste ring automatically waiting for the next core to be loaded.

The first cut (waste ring) is ejected to the back, the required cut pieces are dropped to the front if they are short or loaded back onto the loading vee if they are long. The final waste ring is ejected to the back.

Falcon with manual feed.

Falcon with automatic hopper.

The machine has 10 programmes which can be pre-selected and stored. Each programme has 5 selections of cut length and number of cuts. The cutting can be paused at any time to make changes to the running programme or switch to another programme.

Opposed knife units are used for quick cutting. Tooling for each size comprises of only a clamping dolly for the chuck, a cutting dolly and a stripper plate to remove the waste ring

A touch screen control panel is mounted near the operating area for ease of use.

The knives have micro adjustment and soft stop to the cutting dolly.

Complete with adjustable pneumatic chuck.