Edge Protection

This is the latest version of our edge protection range. The new features are the ability to quickly change profiles and the servo drive to the guillotine allowing high cycling rates and maintaining accurate length at all speeds. The length of product can be changed without stopping simply by changing the information on the illuminated keypad.

On thick sections up to 14 plies can be made into the required profile with one wrap round.

On thin sections two profiles, each with a full wrap round ply, can be made at the same time; a typical running speed is 40 metres per minute, but with the double profile this is 80 metres per minute. The wrap round improves appearance but more importantly ensures there is no de-lamination and there are no sharp edges. Single or double profiles – for example one 75 x 75 x 8mm or two 75 x 75 x 4mm ‘V’ sections can be made for edge protection.

Servo drive so that the guillotine drive follows the material speed and the length remains the same at all speeds. The servo system allows high cycling rates up to 40 cuts/minute and the length can be changed without stopping using the keyboard. Roller guide input to the guillotine.

  • Two air cylinders operate the top blade
  • Top blade adjustable
  • Minimum length 200mm – maximum as required
  • Maximum material thickness 8mm

The material is supported until the cut is made. The support falls away to allow the material to drop onto the receiving table. A conveyor takes the cut pieces out of the machine at a convenient height for further handling.

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